Scrapy Tutorial - Part 1

 Jan. 25, 2018    0 comments 

In this tutorial I will show you how to scrap information from websites with Python using popular Scrapy library.  (Read more...)


Setting Up MySQL in LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi

 Nov. 17, 2017    0 comments 

Kodi mediacenter can maintain a common medialibrary on MySQL database server. This way a media library, including "watched" and "in progress" marks, can be synchronized between several Kodi instances. The official Kodi Wiki provides instructions on how to set up MySQL server on various platforms, however those instructions do not include LibreELEC — a popular mediacenter software based on Kodi that runs on various platforms, including different versions of Raspberry Pi single-board computers.  (Read more...)

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Using Docker with Travis Continuous Integration

 Aug. 8, 2017    0 comments 

GitHub supports several cloud-based continuous integration services. One of them is Travis CI that allows to run automated testing and deployment tasks on Linux Ubuntu and macOS. Unfortunately, their Ubuntu environment is quite dated — currently they use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) while the current LTS release is Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus). Users already asked Travis CI team about updating their Linux build environments to the current LTS release but Travis CI team's reply was basically "use Docker if you want anything else".  (Read more...)

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My Contribution to Kodi Project

 June 16, 2017    0 comments 

I'm a long-time devoted user of Kodi mediacenter and by the end of the last year I was very honored to be accepted to Team Kodi for all my activities connected to the project. Until recently my Kodi-related programming projects were limited to Python addons and I never touched the core project. And now I'm glad to announce that my small GitHub pull request was accepted by Kodi core developers. It is a small fix/addition to C++ implementation of Kodi Python API, but I'm still very proud of it because I have been able to make a worthy contribution to such large C++ project.


Video Tutorial: Debugging Kodi Python Addons with Web-PDB

 May 12, 2017    0 comments 

Recently I have made a video tutorial for my Web-PDB debugger for Kodi addons:

This is actually my very first attempt to make a video tutorial so it is far from flawless. But I hope that enthusiasts who develop Python addons for Kodi mediacenter will find it useful.