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Interactive Dental Chart in HTML/JavaScript

 Jan. 17, 2021    0 comments 

One of my side-projects that I do on my free time is is a patient management system for my wife's dental clinic. It's written in Python/Django and it's a closed source project for now, but one thing I'd like to share is an interactive dental chart that allows to record the state of patient's teeth. Of course, the actual implementation is a bit more complex than this an it interacts with the Django back-end via Ajax requests but you can use this code as a basis for your own projects. Here's a link to JSFiddle: with the code. Feel free to use this code as you see fit.

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Django/Jinja2 Language Definition for Prism.js

 Oct. 26, 2016    0 comments 

Recently I made some improvements to this blog CMS in order to better handle code samples in various programming languages. One of the improvements is a brand-new language definition for Prism syntax highlighter. Prism is an easy to use JavaScript library for in-browser code syntax highlighting that supports many languages (programming, markup, configuration etc.). Unfortunately, Django template languages was not among them so I decided to fill-in this gap. And because Jinga2 template syntax is very similar, I decided to make one language definition for both. (...)

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Spoiler Plugin for TinyMCE 4

 Feb. 11, 2016    0 comments 

I'm still polishing this blog CMS. One of the major "under the hood" improvements that I've made recently is the upgrade of TinyMCE content editor from v.3 to v.4. For that I've done a major rework of django-tinymce4 package and fixed almost all features, including spellchecker and integration with django-filebrowserdjango-filebrowser-no-grappelli packages. I'm going to submit a pull request with my changes, but that will be later, when I get all things in order, including updated documentation for django-tinymce4.

As a part of this improvement I've developed a spoiler plugin for TinyMCE 4 that allows to add spoiler blocks to authored text, that is blocks of text that are initially collapsed and can be expanded by mouse click. (...)

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