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Scrapy Tutorial - Part 1

 Jan. 25, 2018    0 comments 

In this tutorial I will show you how to scrap information from websites with Python using popular Scrapy library.  (Read more...)


My Contribution to Kodi Project

 June 16, 2017    0 comments 

I'm a long-time devoted user of Kodi mediacenter and by the end of the last year I was very honored to be accepted to Team Kodi for all my activities connected to the project. Until recently my Kodi-related programming projects were limited to Python addons and I never touched the core project. And now I'm glad to announce that my small GitHub pull request was accepted by Kodi core developers. It is a small fix/addition to C++ implementation of Kodi Python API, but I'm still very proud of it because I have been able to make a worthy contribution to such large C++ project.


Video Tutorial: Debugging Kodi Python Addons with Web-PDB

 May 12, 2017    0 comments 

Recently I have made a video tutorial for my Web-PDB debugger for Kodi addons:

This is actually my very first attempt to make a video tutorial so it is far from flawless. But I hope that enthusiasts who develop Python addons for Kodi mediacenter will find it useful.


Blog Environment Upgrade

 April 21, 2017    0 comments 

Previously, this blog run on Django 1.8 and Python 3.4, but after a new Django LTS release — 1.11 — I decided that it's time to upgrade this blog to the new Django version and to bump Python version as well. The upgrade process was simple: I created a new virtual environment, installed all the dependencies and pointed Pythonanywhere to this new environment. The blog itself required only one minor change of the sitemap view because URL patterns no longer accept view names as strings, e.g. 'django.contrib.sitemaps.views.sitemap', but require proper callable view objects (previously, both variants were supported).

Now this blog runs on Django 1.11 and Python 3.5 (Pythonanywhere does not provide Python 3.6 yet).


My Small Contribution to Pybind11 Project

 April 6, 2017    0 comments 

Recently I've got a good news: my pull request on GitHub to Pybind11 project has been accepted by the project maintainers. Pybind11 is a C++ library for exposing C++ code to Python as binary modules. Pybind11 is similar to Boost.Python but it does not require linking against a pre-built library, so it is easier to use.

My pull request is very small: I've added a method to check Python exception types from C++ code more easily. However, I'm not a professional developer and C++ is often considered a "hardcore language", so I'm proud that Pybind11 maintainers have decided that my small contribution is worthy to be included in their project.