About Me

My name is Roman Miroshnychenko and I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I'm an enthusiast Python programmer. My primary areas of interest are web technologies and Python in general. I like Django framework and I'm always eager to learn something new about it. I'm also familiar with C++ and JavaScript and made a couple of contributions to other open source projects in those languages. I have also done some Python stuff for Kodi mediacenter and currently I'm a member or Team Kodi — an international group of enthusiasts responsible for developing and maintaining Kodi software.

I like to learn new things: technologies, best practices and even small things that make my code better. My hobby projects can be found on GitHub.

My contact info

You can contact me via email: roman1972@gmail.com.

About This Blog

This blog runs on Python 3.5 and Django 1.11. You can find its source code here.