My Projects

This page lists some of my programming projects that I most proud of.

This Blog

The engine of this blog is written in Python 3 using Django web framework. Its design follows best practices like the separation of concerns, loose coupling of functional parts and thorough testing.

Roman's Blog on GitHub.


So far this is my most popular project on GitHub with over 160 stars. This is a remote web-interface for the Python built-in PDB debugger with some additional features. It can be used to debug Python programs on systems with limited console access or no console at all.

Web-PDB on GitHub.


This pluggable Django application adds TynyMCE 4 editor to your Django-based web-site. Developing this blog, I wanted to implement WYSIWYG rich content authoring but I was not satisfied with existing packages that provided TinyMCE editor so I decided to create my own. The django-tinymce4-lite application has a very lean design and, what I consider the most important, it is well documented so it should be relatively easy to add it to a new or existing Django project.

django-tinymce4-lite on GitHub.

XLIFF Exchange for django-modeltranslation

XLIFF Exchange is an extension for django-modeltranslation package that allows to export translatable content from Django applications to OASIS XLIFF 1.2 format supported by most translation tools and import content in target languages from translated XLIFF files.

XLIFF Exchange for django-modeltranslation on GitHub.


WsgiBoostServer is a multi-threaded HTTP/WSGI server written in C++ using on Boost.Asio and Boost.Python libraries. It can serve both Python WSGI apps and static files. Unfortunately, I had to stop the development of this project because of memory corruption problems that I'm unable to solve. Hopefully, someday I will find the root cause and finish the project. Currently I consider it in semi-working state because WsgiBoostServer can serve pure-Python WSGI apps, but crashes if an app uses some third-party binary Python/C modules.

WsgiBoostServer on GitHub.

Yet Another Torrent Player

Yet Another Torrent Player (YATP) is a simple torrent player/client plugin for Kodi meidiacenter based on libtorrent library. It can play videofiles from torrents while downloading them in the background. YATP is a generic solution not tied to any specific torrent site(s) so as a piece of software it's completely legal.

YATP on GitHub.


PyXBMCt is a GUI library for Kodi addons. It is a rather niche project for Kodi addon developers, but according to the statistics from the official Kodi addon repository the latest version of PyXBMCt has been installed over 20 million (!) times.

PyXBMCt on GitHub.