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Setting Up MySQL in LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi

 Nov. 17, 2017    0 comments 

Kodi mediacenter can maintain a common medialibrary on MySQL database server. This way a media library, including "watched" and "in progress" marks, can be synchronized between several Kodi instances. The official Kodi Wiki provides instructions on how to set up MySQL server on various platforms, however those instructions do not include LibreELEC — a popular mediacenter software based on Kodi that runs on various platforms, including different versions of Raspberry Pi single-board computers.  (Read more...)

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YATP: A Torrent Streaming Plugin for Kodi

 May 23, 2016    0 comments 

My YATP (Yet Another Torrent Player) plugin for Kodi mediacenter is not a new project. I stated it a wile ago partly out of curiosity, partly because of practical reasons because I needed a torrent player that satisfied my needs.  (Read more...)


Autodocumenting your Python code with Sphinx - part 2

 Feb. 24, 2016    0 comments 

This is Part 2 of my Sphinx autodocumentation tutorial. Part 1 of this tutorial you can find by the following link:

Autodocumenting your Python code with Sphinx - part 1

As I've mentioned in Part 1, Sphinx as an automatic documentation generator for Python is neither convenient nor simple. But it is de facto the tool for documenting Python programs and libraries, so unfortunately we have to deal with its weaknesses.

In Part 1 I've demonstrated you how to write Sphinx-compatible docstrings for your Python objects, and now I'll show you how to set-up a Sphinx project to generate documentation from your code docstrings.  (Read more...)


Autodocumenting your Python code with Sphinx - part 1

 Jan. 12, 2016    0 comments 

There are a number of Python auto-documenting tools in existence, starting with Python's built-in pydoc module. Some time ago Epydoc was a popular tool for auto-generating documentation from Python docstrings but its development was abandoned and it does not support current Python releases, though some popular Python IDEs, like PyDev for Eclipse or PyCharm still support Epytext markup language.

Now Sphinx has become de facto the standard tool for creating documentation for Python programs and libraries, and even the docs for Python itself are created with Sphinx. Docs for third-party Python libraries hosted on Read the Docs, a popular documentation hosting site, are also generated by Sphinx.  (Read more...)