September Conferences

 Oct. 18, 2018     0 comments

This September I attended two international conferences dedicated to the developement of Open Source multimedia solutions: VideoLAN Dev Days and Kodi DevCon.

VideoLAN Dev Days (September 21–23)

This year the VDD conference was held in Paris, France. This 3 days conference gathered together the developers of VLC Player and other friendly projects, like FFmpeg, Kodi and others. I attended the conference as a member of Kodi project. The conference included both formal talks about various aspects of multimedia encoding and playback, and informal team bonding events that were fun. I had a really great time and would like to thank the VLC organization and its President Jean-Baptiste Kempf for this wonderful event.

Kodi DevCon (September 28–30)

A week after VDD I attended Kodi DevCon — an annual conference for developers and other members of Kodi project. This time we gathered together in Sofia, Bulgaria, to discuss the current state and the future of Kodi mediacenter project. Our conference also included both formal and informal parts, and I was glad to meet my "project mates" once again to talk, to drink beer, and just to have fun. I'd like to thank our "chief event organizer" Keith Herrington and other project members for the great time that we spent together. I'm looking forward to the next year.